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Website Design
Fully documented processes with accountability and milestone deliverables
Customised design process aimed at the best web solution for each situation
User and technical testing with complete site analysis undertaken
Redesigns and rebuilds of existing websites if required
E-commerce and multimedia as well as interactive database driven web development
Website Development
XHTML / CSS / JavaScript web standards compliance with PHP / MySQL functionality
A strong focus on accessibility and usability in all of our work
WordPress blogging software customisations for personal and business sites
Hosting and domain name assistance to help clients get the most effective domain
Freelance work for organisations requiring our skills base on project work
Advice for businesses about the available options for thier budget
Accessibility and usability reports on your current business website
Comprehensive website analysis reports to identify issues and offer fresh direction
General search engine optimisation and e-business advice
Logo Design and Branding
Designs for logos, business cards, stationary and more
Product identification in the marketplace
Strategies to market corporate identity for small business
Identity creation and branding
Freelance Writing
Writing and publishing content for the web
Online publishing of organisational and personal documents
Document creation including processing and editing
Creation of newsletters and e-zines for businesses
Tuition and Assistance
Tuition and advice in basic HTML / XHTML / CSS / PHP / MySQL
Help creating tableless CSS layouts for individuals and businesses
Introduction to general computer skills in the home environment
Any other related tuition that is required on a one-to-one basis
Later through the year the mobo in fact seemed to be dying and I had a range of problems afflicting the machine to the point I needed to purchase this one. They were right and it wasn’t the card so I’d thought. The sporadic appearance of artifacts on boot occurred occasionally and I put it down to my bad computer, of course. Then a few months ago while playing UT2004 my partner was vacuuming around me and the computer went psycho with this vacuum tube sucking howl that required swift unplugging. After several attempts it fired again but any time I tried to run graphics software or games it did the same HOWL and froze. So I just put this down to a dying board… several hard drives were chewed over this year as well so it was quite expensive.

So here I am on day one with my new box and shiny new bits and I had the Radeon 9600 Pro in there and all day it worked like a beauty. Then after dinner I tried to boot - BLOODY ARTIFACTS… so I let it sit for half hour and tried again. After six times I still only got artifacts… so I put in the old Geforce 2 MX 400 and voila its up and running again.

What’s my bitch? Well short of the fact that now my warranty has run out on January 22 this year and I’m stuck with a $280 loss as well as having to look to purchasing a new card for another $300 or so, and short of the fact that I’d contested the card as possibly flawed shortly after purchasing it, well I think that its bloody too easy for shops to sit back and say ‘Well a computer is a complicated piece of machinery so we won’t cover your warranty’. In the real world at this stage what could I really do as I have no legal grounds left.

But as an unhappy customer I have to attest that it really isn’t good enough to be shagged by someone in such a way as to be patted on the back and sent home with a dodgey product. It was broken on purchase, disputed, and said to be fine. So OK there’s my bitch for the day about a company that seems to have stopped really caring about the customer. How many others out there have had this kind of thing happen with this or other hardware vendors?


Pig in the City - The Return

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We’re back in town and setting up for some quick resolution to outstanding work that needs completion. Having met several of our clients in Sydney in the last 5 days its given us an opportunity to see how the other half lives and, of course, gave us a much needed rest from the daily grind. I like Sydney for its potential client base but unless we were offered full time work and could find somewhere semi-rural from which to commute then home will stay in Hobart for now.

I just finished reading a really great article on Ten Good Practises for Writing JavaScript in 2005 by Bobby van der Sluis which I thought was legendary. Finding great quality information about writing best practise unobtrusive JavaScript isn’t the easiest task. We looked far and wide in bookstores for something along these lines and never located anything. There’s a lot of crap JavaScript kicking around out there.

Perhaps we should take a few more of these working holidays interstate in the future. If anyone is interested in either outsourcing to Norty Pig from interstate or offering me full time work I’d like to further discuss the options. We could go for latte’s in Paddington.