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Some Links and a Holiday

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As I’m going away on Wednesday and won’t be able to blog again until Monday at the earliest I thought this would be a good opportunity to post up some links to cool tidbits you need to play with while I’m away.

JavaScript Fade Anything Technique also known as FAT is unobtrusive and I tested it on Firefox, IE6 and Opera 7.23 and worked great. Some lateral thinking will be fun with this one.

Nifty Corners is a cool piece of JavaScript by Alessandro Fulciniti which allows you to create rounded corners without images. He’s improved it somewhat since the original as well.

Hybrid CSS Dropdowns by Eric Shepherd from the A List Apart site is a truely accessible dropdown menu technique that you might find comes in useful someday.

CSS Sprites by Dave Shea also sourced from the A List Apart site is a must for anyone. Like most great things in life its both a powerful technique and easy to implement.

The Man in Blue’s take on laying out a form with CSS is an essential read due to the headache factor of figuring half of the issues out by yourself.

Also a couple of things that every designer should have read at least once.

Great Homepages Really Suck by Cameron Moll sourced from sitepoint discusses how to get more users into your site’s content by creating a homepage that sucks those users in. Its an inspirational read.

Dive into Accessibility will give you a head start on creating more accessible websites and why you should be doing these things. I particularly like the personas created to show how individuals would benefit from these small site enhancements.

A Rule of Thumb from ‘And all that Malarkey’ discusses thumbnail images and how less is more in some circumstances.

Design Matters from ‘DESIGNBYfire’ points out that design is about problem solving. A must read before you get dragged into a dry functional hole without colour by some IT guru.

If I don’t post in the next 5 days then like I said I’m outta town and interstate and partly on holiday. Hardly a Tasmanian brain drain and I’ll be back on board next week.

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