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Is Nortypig Christopher Walken?

“He can really dance and he’s a tough guy in the movies”

On a recent expedition through my partner’s files - well watching her at least - the old Christopher Walken for president look came out again. Is it a good look? Well Christopher Walken is famous, he can really dance and he’s a tough guy in the movies. So what’s not similar? Stop laughing in the peanut gallery.

We’ve been busy here and the Pig Work redesign is about 80% done with a site going live today. There’s some documentation and the dotting of letters between h and j but that’s a formality. In the meantime enjoy your Walken - vote nortypig for President OK.

Update: 6/7/06
It strikes me that some might find it awesome there is in fact a brain in there. The 1230495th wonder of the living world - nortypig’s brain.

Steven Clark also known as nortypig with the spiked hair Christopher Walken thing happening

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