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On Whining, Trolling And Feedback

“…and not just the fat arsed latte handshakes”

Should we really be blindly blogging only the positive experiences? My best comment deleted from moderation is

Have a cry you (insert expletive) whinger

I’m of the school which believes the world would be a better place if people complained about service for example. Thus when the local video store refused to honour a voucher I complained on my blog. When companies continuously deliver crap to their clients living off their name alone I’m one to occasionally put up a post on what the real product they delivered measured up to be - often a pretty veneer with no soul. I have a tendency to complain about other bloggers, the state of an industry expecting free or near-free work in its culture, I complain about the tendency of winter to be bloody cold! Whinge whinge whinge.

The whinge is feedback. Its negative feedback but businesses and organisations need to be in tune with negative feedback and not just the fat arsed latte handshakes which often revolve around the corridors of ‘let me in on the next contract’. Read any business text and you’ll see it espoused that all feedback is for the benefit of the business. That’s no shit. Its a voluntary user contribution.

Don’t get offended when someone complains about your work or your products - take it on board and improve.

Back to what I wanted to point to here: for the last few days Jeffrey Zeldman has had an issue with his Flickr Pro account with a termination of his account at one stage and the loss of a number of images from the account. Initially he wrote Flick’d Away to point out his issue. Then he wrote My Friend Flickr as a follow up article.

Today, and this is the one I’d like you to read today, he published The Power of Positive Whining. Facts are not experience. The user is never wrong even when they’re wrong. Businesses need to use negative feedback to improve (not just get livid in their office at the mere mention of nortypig - so to speak).

If there’s a must read article today this is it in my opinion. When WaSP do it its fine, when Zeldman does it its fine - I won’t drag a heap of A List names in to prove the point. But often when the little guy does it its called trolling or whining.

Its neither. Its giving feedback and sharing information so others might improve. Thanks Jeffrey.

Zeldman's post - The Power of Positive Whining

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