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Blogs as Business Strategy

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As a near daily blogger (blogophile) and someone who enjoys some great Flash on broadband on occasion (vicarious Flashturbator) its not a surprise to anyone that I read a great many blogs on a daily basis (yes a bloody blogoholic). Its a way of building business and social relationships, it gives me a view of what’s hot and what’s not in the design world, it puts my finger on the real time daily pulse of a world community. But its also a business thing - we should probably all have blogs if only to bring business to the door.

Blogging’s becoming something CEOs are looking at more and more and recently Jeffrey Zeldman asked not only ’should every blog have a business’ but also ’should every business have a blog’? The short answer to both is yes you should, it should and we all should.

I recommend to clients now that they should consider having blog software integrated into their site design too. A blog, if used properly and with original content, offers the business a way of delivering updates and information via RSS and Atom feeds to a waiting world audience. Real time updates to a real audience and without the worry of invoking the wrath of the already over-spammed.

A sports shoe store, for example, could obviously blog their latest sale prices or offer ongoing information to athletes and enthusiasts. A kennel can offer support information for the welfare of dogs. Someone high up in Microsoft can offer the reasons why IE isn’t what we’d like. And they are real world blogs being done by the day. So you don’t have to be a genius to see the commercial value of endearing customer loyalty and pursuing those relationships. If you’re like me and run your blog and a business site they have the power to share an audience, as well. And Google loves dynamic fresh word meat more than anything I can think of (except maybe direct cash deposits of course).

Good blogs offer something unique to the author(s), something not borrowed or stolen. They’re created with enthusiasm and if you’re excited about it you can excite others, too. In fact last year blogging rose by 58% (even if the figures are a bit suspect due to the spam blogging phenomena). Real blogs not only offer a wealth of information and resources on about every subject known to man but they also have the potential to make you money, and make your business money.

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