They Return from SXSW

Its good to see the who’s who have started returning home from the infamous SXSW in Texas (where they execute the most people for the least reason apparently). Home of the Alamo, JR Ewing and those bloody big hats. OK you can tell that I’m green to the gills for being too impoverished and not famous enough to get a trip to the United States. Well I’m not sure I’m actually allowed into the U.S. anyway so I’d better hold that wish.

I think the number of blogs that reported back on the event seemed to give a good enough coverage though. I’d only have gotten bored like Joe Clark (but without the BOOORING cardboard thing - and no apparently he never held it up to the presenters lol but that’s where urban legends get started). It was funny because the next day I read about it on one of my fave reads Overcaffeinated where Joe was summarily chastised for this rude behaviour. As a speaker I’d have been pretty pissed off with that attitude but I guess I’m not an SXSW kind of guy so I wouldn’t know.

Anyway guys welcome back to the world of sobriety and I’m sure if you’s all get mighty nostalgic about the good ol’ times in Texas you’s can get into a few games of HomeRun. All this game really needs now is for the character in the game to sing out ‘My name eez Villiam Vallace, and I vant FREEDOOOOM’.

2 Responses to “They Return from SXSW”

  1. Joe Clark Says:

    They’d have a right to be “pretty pissed off” had I actually done what Sergio alleged, but, as you partly imply, I didn’t.

  2. nortypig Says:

    Sorry Joe I thought I’d actually said you didn’t show it to the panel lol. It was just so funny reading your account one day on RSS (where you said you held up that boring card) and then lo and behold Sergio mentioned it again on RSS. But no I wasn’t there and it was most obviously one of those in the moment things.

    Like they say its better to be talked about than not talked about. Whoever ‘they’ actually turn out to be.

    I don’t think I’m allowed into Canada either by the way… or Tibet… or pretty well all of Europe. So I’m green with envy over your trip to Texas…

    And I’m a reader of both your blogs so right and wrong escapes me, of course. Just a small fish at the gateway to Antarctica. Don’t lose a friendship over it though, maybe Sergio was just drunk and funnin’ at your expense. It happens.

    Oh yeh do you know famous people in the biz like someone at ALA who could possibly tell me why the dynamic text replacement with PHP isn’t working for me? IE shows alt with red x’s and FF shows normal font with no spaces between words? I know it should work but it doesn’t for some odd reason. Anyway that’s my rant lol. A good stiff whiskey always helps.