WordPress Static Front Page Plug-in Question

“But then I’d have to run the output of the post_content through the WordPress filters”

OK I’ve installed the Static Front Page plug-in on a WordPress installation I’m working on for a client but I’d also like to have a fully functional blog on the site as well. They don’t want it today but I’d like to have it there so when the time comes and these guys get blogging I can say hey you’ve already got one. So my question is -

How do I get the fully functioning blog on another page of WordPress?

Yes I’ve done the Googling, played in the Codex and scampered around the code and I ‘ve found half solutions that don’t quite fit. I can make a category called Weblog for instance and call that into a template but I don’t want it to be a category - I want the fully functional blog with categories. I might be wrong in my objections on this one as I’m trying it this morning… it might be good enough.

I’ve also tried just pulling all of the blog content out of the database myself onto the page.php with an if is_page(’40′) and some SQL but then I’d have to run the output of the post_content through the WordPress filters to make it output XHTML. That might take me some time to figure out. I might spend a bit of time looking at how to make a plug-in that actually does what I want as well - although where the time will come from is a bit concerning.

So preferrably I’d like it to work on a page rather than as a category if I can and have the best of both worlds - I do so love cake! So if you’ve got any ideas while I’m playing in the Codex and stuff then feel free to release me from my suffering. If it can’t be done the way I want then WordPress will have gone a couple of steps back in my idea of being a useful commercial tool. You’d think this would be a more common functionality built in by now.

Anyway its a lovely pre-summer rainy day here and not so bad to stay inside playing with code.

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