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When to Walk Away

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There’s always going to be a tension or conflict between client and designer. The business might want specific things while the designer has other ideas. Is the client always right? Oh if it was only that easy I could sleep like a baby and drink whiskey every other night in front of the television.

Lets put it this way. Standing in the middle of a problem (as does the client) its not always that easy to see what the problem really amounts to. Its not to say they don’t know what their business is because they’re the most valuable resource of information about it that we’ll have at hand, but they don’t necessrily know how to identify the problem. I mean in the context of the creation of a web solution to solve their www problem. If they don’t have a problem they don’t need a designer to find a solution.

Its tiring wrestling with an organisation that just boldly insists they want what they want, too. Imagine they like animated gifs or have an extreme love of the brightest boldest cack fireman’s pencil red with green Times Roman because it’s on their company newsletter. What do you do? Well I guess my advice is as valid as anyone’s and its a judgement call, especially as a freelancer. Income vs grief and pain. Ideally the client should respect you know a bit of science about internet technologies and what works as well as the designer understanding the client has to go home with a product they’re happy to call their own. Unfortunately not all business relationships will be as amenable as the ideal and its necessary to cut them away and move on. Don’t let your job wreck your head, in other words, as its just not worth the bucks.

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