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Unsubscribed From ProBlogger

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“An elitist mob running across the Internet”

There’s a bit of an elitist mob running across the Internet trying to tame and turn our beloved Wild West into their corporate plots on the Sunshine Coast. And I don’t begrudge a few Google advertisements but this is starting to go beyond the small box it started in to encompass every aspect of chasing that dollar around in spiralling circles. Lets start a new witch hunt guys!

I’m referring to the articles I wrote the other day Introducing A Shoddy Blogger and A Pearl Of Wisdom On Content Theft which were written in response to ProBlogger articles that keep hammering on about people stealing their content. The latest is Using Other People’s Content. I sympathise guys but honestly most of us are just blogging altruistically and from the outside of this clique its looking more like a bunch of sad bastards chasing a dime on the footpath.

No its more than that - its the insistence that you are so bloody important all of you that you sit in judgement of all and propose belittling and berating in public places. I’m sorry and I no longer subscribe to ProBlogger. What used to be a weblog that simply offered advice on how to make money has been caught up in the size of Darren’s own legend.

Its not the content of ProBlogger that is disgusting but the fact its now sitting in judgement and witch hunting, demands for adequate referencing but in reality driven by that click through revenue greed.

So on behalf of all the little bloggers who don’t think you’re a worthy demi-god anymore - unsubscribed. The Web I’d like to work with is about WE and US dude not ME and MY, it was given to us by Tim Berners Lee for free and its about putting up and sharing ideas freely. We obviously don’t operate on the same wavelength.

I might add that I am in no way condoning content theft even if I point out its a reality of the 30 year old architecture we operate on and hyperlinking being a foundation of the concept of the Web itself.


  1. As I’ve written in response to your unsubscribing comment on my blog - I’m sad that you’ve decided to stop reading ProBlogger. It’s your choice which I respect though.

    I’m not really sure that this post is fair though - my blog is about blogging for money - a topic that is not only about helping bloggers make money, but one which examines and discusses how people are doing it.

    The posts that you’re reacting to are about how I see people making money from blogs in ways that I think are both unethical and illegal. This is a discussion that happens both in problogging communities and in the wider blogosphere. I think its important to discuss.

    I never argue that I have a monopoly on the truth - I try to invite discussion on everything that I write. Sometimes I explicitly invite comment - on others I assume people feel free to express their opinions - to tell me where I’m write or wrong in their eyes. I try to take everyone’s thoughts on board.

    I think the discussion on Problogger recently has been pretty robust - I would hope that we all feel secure enough to be able to share our opinions and then be willing to hear those of others.

    I’ve never expected anyone to think i’m a ‘demi-god’ - I think if you read my blog’s archives you’ll see I attempt to present myself as an ordinary average guy who’s trying to make an honest living like you or anyone else. I doubt anyone else on problogger has that high an opinion of me either. Readers regularly disagree with me - something i encourage and take in my stride unless they are rude or arrogant themselves.

    You want an internet that is free - about ‘us’ and ‘we’ - you’re not the only one. Everything I know about blogging is on Problogger - I charge nothing for it - I encourage people to take what they learn and enjoy it.

    I ask for nothing in return except that people feel free to share what they know also.

    Yes I make money from my blogging - I even make a little bit from ProBlogger - but I could make alot more by hoarding the information that I know and spending all my time on building my own empire. This is not who I am.

    Look I take your comments on board - honestly I try to do this with everyone who critiques me - all I ask is that you take mine on board too and see things from my perspective.

    Comment by Darren — 14/9/2005 @ 3:06 pm

  2. I should have said ‘try to see things from my perspective’ in that last line. Happy for people to do that and come out with their own perspective.

    Comment by Darren — 14/9/2005 @ 3:17 pm

  3. Hi Darren
    Thanks for responding but I think at this point I’ll be going my own way. I respect your views and you do have every right to hold them - as I to mine.

    But looking in from the outside I can see a bit of pack mentality kicking in there that isn’t that pretty. So no I won’t be visiting anymore.

    Thanks for commenting though and forgive me if I don’t pursue long conversation at the moment but I have a flailing uni essay to submit by monday noon. Much research to do yet.

    Good luck with your future endeavours and remember I’m not a businessman just a web developer. I see this in a different light. Thank you for the information you’ve shared with me in the past too, some good tips. But I really don’t like the current atmosphere there.


    Comment by nortypig — 14/9/2005 @ 3:18 pm

  4. Sorry to hear that - would have loved to hear your opinion on how you’d respond to content theft. If you ever come up with the answer let us all know.

    Best of luck with your study.

    Comment by Darren — 14/9/2005 @ 4:01 pm

  5. Hi Darren
    How would I handle content theft? I thought I was clear about that and I’m going to have to put up a sign on my blog that I’ve meant to for some time.

    Please recycle anything of worth you feel may be valuable to other people if you found it on Pig Work.

    Sorry I thought that was pretty self explanatory lol. Oops.

    I regard Pig Work as a site for disemminating ideas and the wider they go the better. I’m not concerned how other developers come by the information to adopt web standards as long as they get the information.

    Thanks for commenting again Darren. I’d better get back into this database.

    Comment by nortypig — 14/9/2005 @ 4:05 pm

  6. Hi Nortypig,

    Apologies if i’ve added to your feelings of distaste over at PB.

    Really, I think Darren is a top guy - I’ve met him in person (if that has any weight, that’s not meant to be a ‘namedrop’) and he’s a really genuine guy.

    A lot of the arguments that started were neither initiated nor continued by Darren himself.

    I made some posts over at Blogherald, and then commented them on PB, and on my blog, genuinely because I thought it was hypocritical, and because my comments were being censored. I wasn’t out to be elitist - far from it.

    I realise I’ve probably added to the bad feeling. I’m not out to witch hunt people, even the ones I don’t like (I think you know who they are).

    I hope you’ll come back to PB when things simmer down a bit. But anyway, best regards for the future.

    Comment by Andy Merrett — 14/9/2005 @ 5:17 pm

  7. Hi Andy
    Thanks for commenting again and no you haven’t added to any bad feeling. Actually its not just Darren putting this idea forward, but its because of high profile monetary bloggers out there calling for this that its getting a wider and wider grass roots following. Group think is scarey.

    Now I agree that having your entire article slammed into a site that is entirely bogus is crappy but this is actually wider than bogus sites. There’s an attempt to view blogs as newspapers (which don’t do this either) and some claims like only certain people should have blogs. Elitism scares me too.

    Its not actually Darren personally as such but the pack that seem to be accumulating into this topic at PB and elsewhere that make me cringe. Some people out there insist if I see a link to a software program on their blog then they own that link too.

    Its really just my views I express on Pig Work and people are quite free to run around witch hunting in mobs but its just not for me.

    So its nothing you’re a part of that I’ve seen. Apologies again for the misunderstanding early in the piece.

    Comment by nortypig — 14/9/2005 @ 5:34 pm

  8. Hey no worries I was just clearing things up. I’m not into leading others astray, so to speak.

    I guess I’m just getting my own reputation for being a trouble-maker, though I only do it when something happens that I think is hypocritical or just plain nasty.

    I never aim to be personally nasty to people to make a point, particularly on irrelevancies, which is what really gets me about flame wars.

    It can be difficult to have an argument with people when they don’t play by the same rules.

    But anyway, I’m ranting again.

    Maybe someone else will get to smell “Andy Merrett flavoured bacon” :)

    Comment by Andy Merrett — 14/9/2005 @ 7:37 pm

  9. PS I am just adding you to my bloglines feed so I don’t lose track of what you’re up to. :)

    Comment by Andy Merrett — 14/9/2005 @ 7:40 pm

  10. Andy
    Thanks again for sticking up for me the other day, sorry if I somehow dragged you into this one. I might go back to being quiet for a while though lol. Cheers.

    Comment by nortypig — 14/9/2005 @ 8:22 pm

  11. That makes two of us - though I bet I fail!

    Comment by Andy Merrett — 14/9/2005 @ 8:41 pm

  12. Andy
    I just strolled over to your site while I had a break and had a little chuckle. I’d seen the first post in the series but didn’t realise it kept going.

    Yes I’ve got to agree with a fair amount of what you put forward there. I personally don’t like the guy or his practices either but three days ago I had only heard of him in passing. I see he’s shut the expose thread after someone questioned who owned the image he used on the article. Was kind of funny.

    But I’ll duck my head and run now. Apparently there was a lot of negative feedback on that one.

    OK gotta do this research. ciao.

    Comment by nortypig — 14/9/2005 @ 9:06 pm

  13. Hehe. It was kinda funny, particularly as Duncan blamed his spam filter for my messages disappearing though they were definitely there beforehand.

    I’ve only ever shut a comment field once and that was because of a long argument that got fairly personal.

    (It’s here if you’re interested in one of my other arguments! Shamless self plug again LOL)

    Good luck with the research

    Comment by Andy Merrett — 14/9/2005 @ 9:30 pm

  14. I agree 100% with your article. I have actually stopped reading Problogger also. Seems to me from Darrens articles and opinions he feels threatened once a little competition comes his way.

    Comment by Top Dog — 18/9/2005 @ 10:11 am

  15. Hi Top Dog
    Thanks for dropping in and commenting. I just figured to vote with my feet I guess. I had a bit more of a conversation over at Plagiarism Today about it.

    The bottom line is these guys just demand the link so that you send people to click their ads I guess.

    But mostly the thing that made me not a happy camper was the angriness of these ideas. They’re only one group of people on the web and how dare they demand that they be the righteous lawmakers. I even read a crochet blog where the silly woman was talking about taking someone to court for ripping her post. Crochet? Have I gone insane?

    OK I’ll stop myself there before I become defamatory. I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s voted with his feet then, thanks for sharing. I used to like problogger just ‘because’ it was sanitized and not ugly.

    I just don’t go there anymore. OK gotta run and do some stuff. Cheers Top Dog.

    Comment by nortypig — 18/9/2005 @ 10:52 am

  16. By the way Andy Merrett wrote a couple of good articles during this time such as How To Offend Mr Riley, Outing Duncan Riley and Duncan Riley Responds.

    Makes interesting reading.

    Comment by nortypig — 18/9/2005 @ 10:59 am

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