Copyright Warnings On Blogs

Let me start by saying feel free to plunder my blog for whatever you want. Any information or views put up here are freely available for reuse and to reprint. Hell if you write a book with my stuff I’d have to warn you that I may be wrong on several issues. I guess if you thought that highly of my writing someone else would have hired me to write a long time ago so I’d be as flattered as chips just to get a mention maybe in the back of the index section behind the lame words shelf. If you get my drift.

There’s something off-putting about heading off to a blog that has a rights reserved notice prominently stuck in your face. It’s kind of crass in my humble opinion. It leads me to wonder why they’re telling me information if I’m not legally allowed to use it without fear of losing the house, the car and the very few other possessions around me. In some instances I’ve run across code snippets with all rights reserved - so what’s the point?! Or say someone helps you out on a forum when you ask a question. Do you still own the right to use the code if member X wrote or rewrote it from the ground up? I’m not sure you do. So does that mean forums are not the place to go for advice on coding then? Your answer is as good as mine on that one.

With comments temporarily disabled due to massive spamming on both blogs I guess it’s reasonably safe to say that I don’t like the idea of these copyright warnings. But I guess it’s become so commercial with everyone racing out to publish new books on everything to do with web development nowdays and vying for opportunities to join the speaker’s circuit of conferences and workshops around the world. So information is coveted and guarded and kept on the web (duh not a good choice of places if you don’t want to lose it I say).

But this definately isn’t one of those blogs. Feel free to reprint anything of any meagre value you find and if you put my name at the bottom all the better for me buying you a beer someday. I believe that Tim Berners Lee had the vision of a web with freely accessible hyperlinked information and it’s that web I believe I blog on. Right or wrong I guess.

This of course doesn’t reach to projects I create for commercial clients as that’s the business world, of course. Don’t feel free to rip me too hard on those ones. Within reason anyway…

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