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Finding a Designer

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Not one to criticise but I read this article on How to hire a web designer and got to the lower part of the page. Pricing and Guarantees. I’m sorry but as a small business I couldn’t possibly offer unrealistic things like: “money back if you are not 100% satisfied” or “match any cheaper quote you find".

My argument: Many clients come in not knowing what they want even regarding color. They may or may not have unrealistic expectations about the technology, medium or bang for your buck. Not to say they are wrong, but the chances of someone coming in, tying my business up for a month or more, and deciding at six months they want to use this clause to get all the money they paid back is kind of silly. Further, there is a developer in the Hobart yellow pages offering a guaranteed $250 cap on any 5 page site for the next 12 months. Should I be forced to match unrealistic quotes from some guy who picked up a weekend course in FrontPage?

While the article itself was rather sound and from a reputable resource the writer may have just lost touch with what a small business is about. I’d like to think my clients are satisfied and I do compete competitively, of course. But would you go to an architect, ask him to design a house of indeterminate height and width and in which you are not sure yet how many bathrooms you’ll need (If Architects Had To Work Like Web Designers), work on the plans for a month and then give them their money back if they decided they really wanted a 12 square suburban brick house with a backyard? Norty Pig finks you’re gone in the merry head if you do …

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