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Dynamic Text Replacement With PHP

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This is a question borne out of frustration as much as anything so take it as a question / rant / frustrated sob into my dirty wet cloth handkerchief.

The A List Apart article on dynamic text replacement by Stewart Rosenberger has driven me crazy for its obvious usefulness, for its apparent simplicity and for its inability to work on my server for no offered sensible reason. Having trawled back and forth the 28 pages of comments and discussion of this article on A List Apart (and with comments seemingly not available anymore) I can only say that I do have the GD Library installed and FreeType is enabled (the rude assertions from some quarters can thus hold their breath). And I’m not the only person to have this problem, the exact same problem, so if Stewart, A List Apart or anyone in the entire planet can tell me what is out of sync here then my left testicle belongs in a specimen jar on your office filing cabinet. Maybe that’s a bit overboard, joke, no coming here with knives because I’m a screamer, too.

The symptoms… well in IE I just get the alt tags appearing with red X’s for each PNG not appearing. And in FF I get the words in the current text but pushed together so there isn’t any word-spacing. Otherwise it works perfectly, of course.

Although its a brilliant bit of work and it looks great on the test page it doesn’t work on quite a few installations and nobody has developed a definitive why that I’ve been able to find. So if you know then could you please save my sanity and help me out?


Good Java - The Value of Coffee

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This is a hardcore article because it covers fetish, addiction and coding all under the same heading - probably a h2 or h3 because I’m too lazy to look under the hood and find out what I’ve got going on under there today. Yes a sense of humour in web design is an essential or the world will fall down. But that’s not the topic.

Coffee is the topic. The hot warm wet love I have for my breakfast as I start up the aging beast in the office, still in a dressing gown or pulling my pants up. It stays by my side like a good dog for most of the day only being replaced by another good dog or a cup of coffee or the hand of my lovely mrs blister as she takes and leaves vessels of coffee for me to drink. There wouldn’t be much to the day without coffee and especially a good quality plunger coffee. Then the last thing before I go to bed at night or even in the morning sometimes is to have one last coffee so the sleep will envelop me. My woman first naturally, doggies second, my computer third - then my coffee. Given the choice between food and coffee I usually take coffee.

As an XHTML / CSS coding tool I think coffee is essential. OK sure it cuts down my life by a great number of years, causes heart disease and strokes and would never get to market if it was discovered today. But I honestly wouldn’t have any teeth left if I drank this much Coca Cola.