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Feel free to contact me because I like receiving email and don't want you to feel its only a form for looking at when in fact I'd love you to use it sometime.

While I do my best to answer all emails I'm a bit of a slacker and might take some time on this end but an answer will eventually reach you. I'm like Flipper with a keyboard - or is that the Canadian Mounted Police? I mean I'll eventually get to it pronto. I especially love emails that make me rich and famous (still waiting for them though).

By separation I mean keeping all of your CSS in external stylesheets and all of your JavaScript in external files as well. The benefit of this approach is that your work is more modular and you can simply point to a new external CSS file for a redesign of the look and feel of a site, or quite simply create a new external JavaScript file to change behaviours sitewide. This means that you don’t have to troll every page in every directory looking for instances that need updating when you go to change presentation and behaviours which would be especially irritating (and expensive to a client) on a 10,000 page site. Likewise, keeping your content pure makes for easier and cheaper maintenance as well as lighter pages that are more efficiently indexed. So its a win / win.

While using inline styles and JavaScript is perfectly legitimate, it’ll validate and nobody will rake your bare butt on hot tarmac, the industry best practise is generally accepted to be the separation of content, presentation and behaviour.