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Who The Hell Is nortypig?

My name is Steven Clark and I live with my partner Linden, two of her children and three dogs in Lenah Valley, Tasmania. That's in the city of Hobart about 3 kilometres from the Central Business District and in the foothills of Mount Wellington.

I'm a web developer making the odd standards compliant site in a world that doesn't appreciate my skillset. I'm so poor in fact I need at least a thousand dollars in dental work done, I'm struggling to buy books for University and have about 20 cents Australian money when my next pay arrives. Generally that's a welfare payment so if you feel like employing me I'm usually available.

Which brings me to the next point. I'm also a part time student at the University of Tasmania studying to complete a Bachelor of Computing degree so I can perhaps not always be this broke. I'm in the middle of my second year units so when there is time to try to drum up work its often disappointing that promises rarely eventuate into opportunity for me. Why is it so many people are saying they want to outsource to a standards compliant developer but choose to go with the DreamWeaver kid? Economics?

Eventually I expect that there will be a Pay Pal button here in the hope someone can help me afford to buy text books and study to get out of this rut - but maybe not. I sometimes think I'm in the wrong business with such a skills glut, the wrong skills, preventing me from maintaining a decent standard of living from my own skillset.

I don't think I'm dumb, smart or any different from the next guy who does this work either professionally or for a hobby. I'm not even sure if I'm a professional or playing with a hobby myself so who am I to judge? We're all in the trenches together in the end.

Things I enjoy are movies, hard liquor, fast cars and rolling over and over on my bed in hundred dollar bills. So I'm not overly happy a lot of the time. I like food and need to lose weight. I'm so bloody norty.

Sitting in front of this painting I find it hard to reconcile that its not me with the bag on my head. What do you think?

I'm joking WOT in front of a very interesting painting