Designing: From The Mouths Of Babes

“I’ll probably be wearing some of these on tshirts this summer”

OK so I haven’t been studying for my exam which happens to be on Wednesday (well a bit but not a lot). Unreal Tournament 2004 is a good pre-exam destresser and I’m having a little play with some graphic software which I don’t get time enough to do very often. I really need to get into some design courses once the bachelor of computing is behind me - oh that will be forever. In the meantime I’ll probably be wearing some of these on tshirts this summer (that’s december here).


First is Americana. Its a deconstruction of the American flag, the anthem and the constitution, and a reversion to middle eastern black and brown. If you get it then maybe you’re starting to get me - otherwise that’s fine. Its more of a social statement than a political objection. What is America becoming? What is the World becoming?

Americana by Steven Clark aka nortypig


My sound themed shirt is Taiko because I really get the Taiko Drum thing where they get up and go right off in a disciplined and very awesome oriental way. So the Taiko image is a bit cliche? Its just a bit of fun and one of my partner’s children knows one of the local Taiko Drummers which is way cool.

Taiko by Steven Clark aka nortypig

A while ago I had some volunteer work fall through where I was helping a non profit organisation in Japan called with a web design and new logo. They never did use the logo either so I thought I’d throw it up here for some perusal. Its very hard in overseas situations to know when you’ve got sign off or are on the right wavelength with the people with the power to yay or nay. Unfortunately they went on without me and as far as I know its the original site still. logo design by Steven Clark aka nortypig

Norty Pig

Finally, a few weeks ago I broke a golden rule and designed the new Norty Pig logo - that being don’t EVER design your own logo. So what do you think? I’m not sure and am not using it at this point but its on my short list of elegant solutions to the lack of a logo problem here. Maybe it needs something more - or less.

NOTE: When I say I don’t mind content being taken off this site I actually only mean it in the context of the words or general blog posts. If I put poetry up for example I’ll expect to not have it plundered and pursue the trojan bastards who take my sweat and put them in a hole in my back yard. The same goes for images, logos, or site designs. These are my business, bread and butter, my work. So please refrain from being tempted to loosely interpret my stance on Pig Work as being one of open slather. The posts are fine but not the artistic or design content which will more often accompany posts in the future.

I thank you for your consideration in this issue as copyright must be preserved to feed my family.

New Norty Pig logo by Steven Clark aka nortypig

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