Marketing Trends: Exhibition Websites

“Exhibitions - rather than just artist portfolios - going online with their own dot-com”

For a few years I’ve slowly and quietly been one of those faceless people at gallery exhibitions suggesting, kneading, pushing ideas about how the web can be used to enhance these events. I don’t only mean to advertise the event but also to add value and experience to the analogue experiences of going there and feeling the atmosphere - a more complete marketing philosophy. I’d really like to run some focus groups and discuss what the diverse personas who attent art galleries would like to find on the web, what do they do and why do they go to these sites? Which is obvious one would expect but it would be interesting to note the real answers - most likely not just to see an image of the work.

So I’ve noticed over the last six months a slow and sure trend of exhibitions - rather than just artist portfolios - going online with their own dot-com and as fully functional web sites. This is way cool. Linden sent me a link last night to the Remote Exhibition web site which is currently running in the Plimsoll Gallery in Hunter Street, Hobart. There should be even more of this as the potential catches on - people are interested in the art, the artists, the processes and the communication lines open to them to experience inclusion in the event.

The sticker will always be development costs but you’d be surprised how many developers are directly involved in or are appreciators of art and artistic endeavour. Design and art are very much kissing cousins in my opinion even if one generally pushes commercial venture against the others’ contemporary gesture.

So I’d like to credit Superbia for their work here. No doubt I’d have done a few things differently but that’s why the world is a diverse and more interesting place. I do wish they had an about page so I could know who specifically to credit, where they are and so forth. Anyway guys or girls whoever you are at Superbia - a hat tip for actually getting it and making the exhibition site.

The Remote Exhibition web site developed by Superbia

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