Cool Corey Comments On Image Ripping

“So, please nigga, chill wiv th’ uvver high skool suckers and… [insert expletive]”

This is unfortunate but in separating out Corey’s latest reply to the fact he’s pissed I took an image off his site and replaced it with an ad for nortypig - duh it was feeding from my server - WordPress somehow deleted the entire batch instead of approving his latest diatribe.

So from memory. Corey I never did anything smart to track your IP address - WordPress automatically logs you the moment you comment. Don’t inflate your ego.

Secondly. The grey goose image is gone - it was over a year ago here and inconsequential as you’re the only people interested in it.

Thirdly. If you still believe you’re right I’ll mail you a dollar and you can ring welfare when you stop crying about it. Just face it dude, the image was served from my account and I pulled it. Face the facts. In fact if you really want to come down to it I’m probably smarter than you think I am… now wouldn’t that be a surprise.

So, please nigga, chill wiv th’ uvver high skool suckers and… [insert expletive]

You may get away with using images from here for a while, I don’t check constantly, but the moment you spike traffic on my stats you’ll be found and the ad will go up. Smart doesn’t mean squat. The simple fact you’re commenting here with diatribe about how RIGHT you are to use my bandwidth because Google Images makes it possible - well that’s sad. Sad because it means you don’t get it.

I apologise for having lost your comment though because it really just made a bigger dick out of you with your little boy tantrum and I was going to post it up again.

ps. I notice you didn’t deny you weren’t a real gangster so I’ll assume you’re another pretender doing the cool thang dog. Enjoy your day [also ask yourself why you’re so upset now - do you have a personality disorder? Or are you really a dick?] - bitch.

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