How To Trash Your Resume With MySpace

“Any other sucker out there may find any word you’ve ever written”

Watch what you say online and who you talk to about whatever it is you’re thinking. How’s that for a paranoid big brother statement - but it’s true. It has always been true and will probably become more true as time progresses and the underlying technologies of the Internet evolve to combat nefarious crap that clogs it all up.

Enter MySpace, my current bane and focus of the last few days.

The New York Times (I got this via Slashdot) has an article up titled For Some, Online Persona Undermines a Resume which discusses how MySpace users are stuffing up their job chances by what they put up on their account and what they talk about.

Social Networking has the unfortunate capacity to wreck your real life aspirations. For example, pretending to be a way cool drugged up gangster might just get you passed over for promotion dude - you understand why of course.

Its not just MySpace. Its everywhere on the web, blogs for example. Yes my position on certain issues as well as references to my baggage have cost me dollars. Luckily its weighed in with other opportunities because I’ve looked at a bigger picture and tried to maintain some level of purpose. The simple fact is your prospects, future employers, future in-laws, and any other sucker out there may find any word you’ve ever written in a forum or chat room or in an obscure, even deleted, blog post from your teenage years.

From experience a young hacker I touched horns with was recently tracked down by his college and I assume kicked out because of that trail in the sands of the Internet. They established a link between him and his beliefs (rule one is never write a friggen manifesto unless you’re the Unabomber - and then think twice!). So think twice before you say you’d like to do negative shit to a pig in Tasmania (for example).

Until then MySpacers its all in your court I suppose. The perceived anonymity is not really there protecting you behind the cliche catch-phrased names like godaddygimmesum and wackgangsta.

Another thing to remember is technologies will become better and we’ll eventually have stuff like conversation search. Don’t be too sure you’re Internet Telephony won’t end up in the hands of the wrong crowd, or the right one, eventually. Just some advice.

2 Responses to “How To Trash Your Resume With MySpace”

  1. president of facebook Says:

    Companies Using Facebook to Screen Job Applicants

    Facebook scare continues…

  2. nortypig Says:

    Yes another interesting read… thanks.

    The issue is most of these guys and girls know squat about the Internet, the Web or the legal and social mores. They misguidedly believe in their anonymity behind those posturing alter-egos.

    And I wonder how many would never join these social networks if they knew it would make transferring that hard earned college degree into a good career.

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