Why Are You A Dick For Deep Linking To Images?

“Hey why dont you go stick the pig up your wellfare check”

The heading is self-explanatory - this is a post about why Corey’s comment makes such a dick out of himself even to consider he has a right to suck bandwidth from other sites by deep linking to images. In the inarticulate babble of a buffoon here goes…

Hey why dont you go stick the pig up your wellfare check in the mail gettin dic stuck in the buty red headed step child bowl cut havin remedial peanut sized head u lil non knowin how 2 publish a website little dick no nut bustin peice of shit. ur think ur cool b/c u took a pic of grey goose off my page … ya well this is how cool u r.

So OK we’ve established I’m not cool and that’s no secret Corey. But why don’t you just get your own copy of that picture and put it in a folder in your own account and pay for every time someone looks at it. Now THAT would be cool. Otherwise we’ll keep bumping into each other in relation to you serving some legitimate advertising for nortypig. Which is fair.

Your options begin with cut and pasting onto your clipboard a screenshot (print screen on your keyboard) and go for your life… or you could right click and save the image and once again you’re home and hosed… or go to the Grey Goose site and deep link to theirs as at least they’ll be getting the advertising - no doubt effective advertising too.

But the bottom line is I’m a business and not a MySpace charity. Is MySpace even somehow complicit in this widespread image bandwidth theft? Is there a place there to complain or are they so friggen large now with 72 million users that they can just pluck what they may and scoff at us from the anonymous sanctity of the “social network”. As you can see I’m fast becoming a MySpace fan NOT.

So Leroy, Roger, Sammi, or whoever you are… don’t pinch my bandwidth or I’ll phuk your page up with my ugly friggen advertisements. Not every day, just occasionally when you’re complacent. Your nortypig ad wasn’t so cool Corey…

… and pretend to be a gangster all you like - I doubt real gangsters are chillin’ in MySpace. That’s why you’re a dick.

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