WCAG 2 Confusing Academia?

“It will only further marginalise the W3C in many developer’s eyes”

If the entities behind the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2 were hoping Joe Clark and anyone else who disagrees might just shut up and cop it on the chin - sorry to disappoint. Joe’s put up an article called Even Academics Can’t Understand It and another titled Call For Response From Quality Assurance.

At this point I would ask the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) what the general rush to market is on this one? I mean its pretty obvious there are some major points of contention here and Joe’s right - if academics find it hard we’re all going to be in trouble in the trenches without out PhDs and white lab coats. How about - and its just a suggestion - pulling the reins in on this before letting it go into the wild. Once its out there it’ll be a done deal and if its unworkable I suggest it will only further marginalise the W3C in many developer’s eyes as some pie in the sky joke.

And to be honest I started reading the specification but tossed it - out of my depth I’m afraid. In other words from a personal level if I can’t understand it then how can I implement it in my work? A fair question.

Maybe there’ll be a dumbed down version for all of us silly-wigs who don’t understand - a golden book perhaps?

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