How To Get Ad Space On MySpace

“Plain blue text on white background at this point with the URLs for Norty Pig, Pig Pen and Pig Work”

Bandwidth sucking on Pig Pen is getting to be expensive thanks in a large part to MySpace and in a contributive part to several people out there with blogs who are just a bit too quick on the deep linking finger. One image was viewed over 1600 times in the last week and a half - way over the fair play mark.

So I’ve been in all of the discussions before. Should we feed them porn? Hell no half of these pages are porn oriented. Should I just put up a sign saying thief, thief, thief. No because they don’t give a shit.

In the car this morning talking with Linden we came upon the idea that it was fine to serve these people images as long as we get something back. So step one was obviously to change the images. Next the question of what to serve.

We went for a plain blue text on white background at this point with the URLs for Norty Pig, Pig Pen and Pig Work [screenshot below from].

So if you’re someone who recently lost an image of a bottle of Vodka, some art or a cartoon rabbit - thanks for the free advertising. I’d wondered how to get a foothold into this advertising thing for my blogs.

Don’t get even get adveritising!

Update: 10/6/06
Interestingly the scumbags over at, rather than being savvy enough to just take the image, have re-deep-linked to the new URL. All class guys and enjoy my friggen ad. Thankyou.

By the way what sort of operation is it which actually BELIEVES they have the right to deep link and pinch images from your server anyway? Assholes.

Google this one baby - are bandwidth thieves who show no remorse for their willingness to make others pay for their blogging. I tip my hat to them as assholes and phuk-heads and if you’re ever considering doing business with these guys on the internet for any reason - they have no integrity. So don’t.

This image alone from these guys alone has been stolen bandwidth for just under 550 times in the last week and a half - and rising. Enjoy my ads.

MySpace has sucked just under 20,000 in the same time (I’m assuming that’s why the 17,000 from their index page).

Update: 10/6/06
Finally after a wrestle and a big fart they pulled the image completely out of their post - although I suspect with reluctance and a grimace. So to I say thankyou and it WOZ NOT THAT HARD WOT?!

But only after I removed the offending image from my server so they had nothing to pinch anymore, I might add.

thanks for my free ad inserted in poaching web pages

3 Responses to “How To Get Ad Space On MySpace”

  1. Corey Says:

    Hey why dont you go stick the pig up your wellfare check in the mail gettin dic stuck in the buty red headed step child bowl cut havin remedial peanut sized head u lil non knowin how 2 publish a website little dick no nut bustin peice of shit. ur think ur cool b/c u took a pic of grey goose off my page … ya well this is how cool u r.

  2. nortypig Says:

    Corey - not to be insulting mate but literacy isn’t your strong point. But you have a point - I took a picture of Grey Goose off your page. And you deserved to be got…

    Why that is so is because instead of hosting your own images you and others deep link to the image on my server account. Who pays for that? Its not a free service matey and you are just too friggen lazy to do it the right way.

    I’d suggest a) save the image with a right click and put it into a folder in your own account, b) click print screen on your keyboard and crop your own version and put it into a folder in your own account, or c) go to the grey goose site and grab the same pic as they will probably be happy to fund your free advertisement for them.

    My point. Why should I pay your hosting bill with no advertising for me? I’m not grey goose?

    If that makes me uncool then I apologise for your ignorance of how the internet works. I don’t have a myspace account to know why that particular image is so popular or why its so linked to but that’s irrelevant.

    I iterate again. Put up images linking to my server and I will eventually find them and get free advertising. I think that’s fair. Alternatively you can just pay me for the bandwidth you’re stealing plus a bit of profit and we’ll call that fair…

    ps i love you too xxx

    pps. IP: , == Corey

  3. nortypig Says:

    Lost Corey’s rant… it went something like…

    nortypig isn’t smart just cos he used an ip tracker and if something is on google images its right to take it and yada yada schoolboy bullshit yada yada and he’s relinked etc etc and oh yeh he loves me too. And oh yeh nortypig isn’t that smart…

    My reply: WordPress automatically tracks IP from your comment… your image is no longer being served here at all (enjoy the ad)… and thankyou for thinking of me - and if I’m not smart then you’re in serious trouble mr inarticulate yo dude copycat music video dude wiv baggy pants to your bum crack or whatever.

    Y’know if you were more pleasant about this it would be less of an insult swap and more of a conversation about whether or not you’re right or wrong. But hey kids are kids… :)

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