What’s With Hobart Metro’s Culture?

“Old people are not an inconvenience to their bus schedule”

As a regular Metro bus passenger in Hobart its noticable when trends emerge in bus driver behaviour. Patterns of bad behaviour have a way of working through organisations via the tea room and really should be addressed before they become general culture within the organisation itself. Unfortunately I’m under the impression general culture is where the current norm of bus driver behaviour stands because although I haven’t ever complained directly to them about this I’m of the impression I’d just be told to get stuffed.

First, Metro drivers are employed to do a job. They’re paid to provide a service and aren’t volunteers who should be bullying anyone. Second, and this is regular enough to be scarey, the bus MUST stop for 80 year olds in rain, hail or shine. Old people are not an inconvenience to their bus schedule - I refer back to the SERVICE part mentioned earlier. Whatever the weather, if an 80 year old has to stand on the side of a road for an extra 30 minutes in the hope the next bus might stop then our society has something to answer for - any complainants by the way have to get off the bus as well. The bus will stop for complainants to disembark! Always.

Third, I don’t expect a bus driver to be at the back window of our car picking a fight with the teenager in the back seat because the kid called him a name (for a reason I’d add). While I don’t think they deserve to cop flak I do think the separation of work from personal life is a must. This happened outside their Springfield Interchange on monday afternoon. I shouldn’t have to tell a Metro employee to go away from out car and stop abusing us.

Four, the worst case I witnessed was a woman driving the bus one day down Macquarie Street, its busy and has log trucks and the whole shebang. The pushbike rider had annoyed her so she kept speeding up to get as close to his back tire as possible and was yelling abuse out the window (because he overtook her). Now that could have been fatal and was in the bustle of our CBD.

I understand they’re low paid and highly stressed. That’s no excuse for letting such a culture of ignorance and abuse rise in an organisation - that bus driver at our car window SHOULD be at home unemployed now with no ifs and buts of why it happened.

Hobart Metro - please remember its a public service you’re offering. And don’t treat this article as a “don’t get mad get even” thing. Its just a comment on your corporate culture.

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  1. Sue Says:

    We have the same here, they are abusive if you don’t have the correct money and don’t dare ask them if your getting on the correct bus. I once asked a driver if he went to a particular shopping centre and he said yes right bus but didn’t tell me it was via the city and would take me more than an hour and a half to go somewhere less than 10 min away. (oh well at least he did answer which is more than some)

    You can’t rely on catching a bus here, if they are full you just have to wait for the next one…bugger when you have to be somewhere on time. Last but not least they drive like idiots and cut corners running over the curbs - dangerous for pedestrians and bit scary for the passengers. Looks like they are the same everwhere!

  2. nortypig Says:

    I got on a number 8 outside our door recently and the bastardo let me get on and went down the road to the terminus 100 metres away and turned the bus off. It was the end of the 8 route and he was turning into a number 10 to go to the city in about 15 minutes!!!

    And they wonder why the kids over in some bad suburbs keep throwing bricks into the bus windows after dark… while they’re driving!

    Not that I’m condoning smashing up buses. I do believe though it should be a service and many of the people driving buses forget how hard it is to get a decent job out there. Its odd seing some guy in his mid 50’s drive past an 80 year old and I think ‘Hey your turn is just around the corner’.

    Some bus drivers are alright but there are a large group who are just assholes IMHO.

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