Where Were You On 666 Norty Day?

“Listen to some norty music like Bad to the Bone

Its school holidays so the child, or one of them, sits in the lounge watching a teen video. Linden is at art school giving a half hour talk on her masters progress followed by a half hour of questions and clarification (very ick). The boy is off rendering as young apprentices do. I’m blogging and wondering what the hell I’m going to get up to now the 6th of June, 2006 is here. The day’s half over and I’ve hardly even seen a nun to push over let alone a puppy to kick…

OK I was joking but that alone could send me to Hell with a torched bum!

I could listen to some norty music like Bad to the Bone by the legendary George Thorogood. More music from my ill-conceived youth.

What should one do on 666 Norty Day? What are you doing today to mark the occasion? There are only 12 and a half hours left here and its over.

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