Is This A Bubble In Trouble?

“What I particularly liked about this article was the final paragraph”

If you don’t read Micro Persuasion I’d suggest you bookmark it. I’m a daily reader of Steve Rubel’s site and have fielded a lot of stuff on my blogs which came via there. Today just happens to be a bit more inspired by Steve than others.

Attack of the Clones is another must read article. I’ve been wondering, and even mentioned a few times (I feel so evil even asking), the question of whether or not the real value exists in some of the ventures of the last year. I’ve noticed investment in startups being quite a lot higher with a lot of this sames-the-same cloning going on. Dare anyone invent something right now and it will be a race to market for sure.

But what I particularly liked about this article was the final paragraph. Brad stone writes

So all these entrepreneurs expect online ad spending to accelerate, which is why they are moving aggressively, and with such little creativity, into all the same genres. They want to be there, hands outstretched, when Internet advertising really takes off. But just watch as they all get blindsided by someone who is thinking outside the box.

That reminds me of the saying not to be the best of 100 but be the best of one. I like that. Innovate don’t emulate.

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