Hunter Island Press Mini Print Sale

“If you’re in the market for 21cm x 21cm original artworks at $20 a piece”

Today was a good day for Norty Pig with the acquisition of some new original artworks for the office. The opening of the Hunter Island Press Mini Print Sale was at 2.30 and this year we acquired two Milan Milosevic, two Karen Lunn and Abi bought an Anna Adams for her bedroom. That’s way cool at a mere AUD$20 a pop (look up the price of a Milosevic original print). So I’m sipping Wild Turkey and Coke and feel quite happy with myself.

Where? The Schoolhouse Gallery at the Rosny Historic Centre, Hobart, Tasmania. When? Well the opening was this afternoon at 2.30pm but it runs daily from now until June 25th. Why? To raise money towards the upcoming acquisition of their open access community print studio and about half the money returns to the artists (always a good thing).

So if you’re in the market for 21cm x 21cm original artworks at $20 a piece then you should drive over and have a look (if you’re in Hobart). I’ve seen some of these works in their finished state going for over $1,000 so there are some big names involved and many of the artists are considered collectable. We’ve acquired 3 Milan Milosevic, 3 Karen Lunn prints, a Helen Wright print, and an Anna Adams in the last two years with only a small outlay on each.

The interesting Web perspective is we’re going to make the prints which don’t sell in that period, and probably newer work, available online at Hunter Island Press. So that’ll be great and should help raise their revenue. Personally if I’d had the cash and the wallspace I could have left with anything over a dozen prints today with no question marks at all. I can assure you there are still high valued prints on the wall tonight.

Here and now I need another Wild Turkey, I’m becoming slightly less lucid, and life is looking pretty fine. I may just start a site about who has the most original artworks on their office walls as well… anyone out there throwing numbers around?

Update: 5/6/06
Hunter Island Press have put up some photos of the opening - I have one of those spiders with the face on it by the way.

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