End Of Week 13 And Exam Ho

“I’ve found two to three units are just enough to keep me interested”

First, as a post mortem on this first semester, I’ll have to say that never ever will I only do one unit again unless I’m working full time. Its got a way of not having any emergency, not being challenging enough, and in the end if motivation goes so does interest. While I enjoyed KXA252 Artificial Intelligence only one unit on the books makes for a lot of dull days at home playing video games and blogging.

So the last lecture was this morning and the exam isn’t for another three weeks, moderately late in fact. We should get our second assignment back and I’m told unofficially I did well but we’ll have to wait and see what well is. Low expectations are never my forte.

For effective balance I’ve found two to three units are just enough to keep me interested, focused and pulling decent knowledge into my brain at the same time. If you’re having exams in the next few weeks good luck. I kind of wish I hadn’t dropped the other two units but there’s nothing that could be done about that at the time (money beats school in my version of rock paper scissors).

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