Crank Media, Acceleration Group, H4

“I’ll keep my eye out for their work”

Crank Media bit the dirt here in Tasmania a while back and I was told Acceleration Group were a figment of their imagination to retain some dignity on exit. That may be so but the Crank Media URL points to Acceleration Group nowdays with a Melbourne office address so there might be some life in these guys yet.

Tony Holzner, formerly of Crank Media, has a firm in Melbourne nowdays called H4. My partner’s art work is on one of his sites - Melissa Loughnan Arts Management.

I noticed on the H4 site that

H4 will be providing specialist standards compliancy consulting and interface development services to Acceleration Group in an exciting new project.

So that sounds promising and I’ll keep my eye out for their work. The Acceleration Group have a particularly badly made site without even a Doctype or character encoding but it would be good to see them providing good product with some external direction and advice. I think doing Melbourne is a very smart move and anyone not looking outside this small parochial pond in Tasmania should really get a move on. Hobart might provide bread and butter but there’s a whole world out there worthy of contesting.

Anyway I thought I’d mention all of this in a roundabout way because I’m into a bit of gossip. I like the H4 name too and Tony seems to be doing OK for himself over there. Web standards consultancy is a good move.

Looking at the valid XHTML 1.1 code on the H4 site I’d suggest there are an awful lot of divs kicking around there. Maybe that could be rethought some Tony. And the window.onload() might be made unobtrusive as well. But overall I like to see companies move in this direction so thumbs up from nortypig I guess.

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