Addressing Procrastination In The Camp

“The jobs on the whiteboard number six and growing”

If you’re wondering what’s been going on at Norty Pig lately - well its not like there isn’t a lot of work sitting on the whiteboard waiting to be done. And due to overwork in the early part of the semester I only had one unit and therefore only have one exam to worry about. Its week thirteen of the university semester, I have a cappucino on my desk, and nothing seems to have been done here for quite some time.

The jobs on the whiteboard number six and growing so even I know there’s a procrastination problem going on. But how does one address such a thing working at home? Its just so easy to unplug and waste the day. And had I even learned new tricks in that time I’d be more than pleased with the outcome.

So somehow the holiday has to be over and the work - including school work - needs to be done. Maybe I need to prepare a working roster and a job task board, strategies which have worked for me in the past. I could throw away the first person shooter that’s chewing up half the day right there and then. I could scrap the blogs as they don’t bring in the bacon (pig pun for sure). Any magic suggestions out there for curing the apathetic home office?

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