Big Brothel - 2006 Uni Revue

“She got us seats AA 17 and AA 18 in the Dress Circle”

My birthday went well and one of my presents from Linden were tickets to Big Brothel, the 2006 Uni Revue, at the Theatre Royal. Not just any old seats though - she got us seats AA 17 and AA 18 in the Dress Circle [PDF 64KB]. This is a very old, small and intimate theatre so these seats were in the first balcony front row centre! That was awesome and apparently a stroke of luck.

Big Brothel had lots of girls showing their titties, a guy with a penis on a platter and various other anatomical wonders, it had great song and dance and major comedy value. Its my first Uni Revue and I’ll be thinking about it next year for sure.

Camel Toe done to a classic Beach Boys tune was one of my favourites… but there were so many. I sat there wondering how awesome it would be to have talent like that. Linden’s older daughter, just turned 21, had a friend or two in the cast and crew as well. Thanks for the woolley socks Amy if you’re reading this sometime. So it was all in all a wonderful night out.

Oh if you’re the sod who on May 26th sat in seat AA 19 in the Dress Circle - dude your feet stunk like you went tootie in them six months ago and waited until mold grew before you put them back on. That’s a shameful thing to wear in a public forum. No I mean this guy was awesomely nauseating… I blame his girlfriend for not stopping that behaviour at home. Foot odour sucks dude and you do deserve a slap in an alley for that one.

But the night was hilarious and at interval we went to the pub next door for coffee. Tasmanian hotels are all legislated as non-smoking now - that’s pretty nice for people like us. So thanks Linden I had fun and saw lots of girlies and stuff. It was better than bogun whiskey birthdays for sure. The Green Party here should take notice of the criticism as well (touch wood). OK happy unbirthday to me and enjoy your day.

2 Responses to “Big Brothel - 2006 Uni Revue”

  1. Lindy Says:

    girlies? didn’t notice any…. where were they?

  2. nortypig Says:

    dear they were surrounding that poor young man with his penis on the platter offering it to the audience…

    otherwise i’m sure you’d have noticed them.

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