WCAG 2 Versus Samurai Joe

“Most sites use font tags - hey let’s bring them back?!”

Following from my previous article on this - Bring On The WCAG Samurai.

Joe Clark has posted another couple of interesting articles today Abandon All Hope which links to an interview with Tim Berners-Lee on OUT-LAW and Matt May’s idea of fanscription. Also he calls on the Web Standards Project (WaSP) to respond.

What direction should accessibility go in? Well my view is in the direction of becoming more universally accessible - and valid code is a must. My biggest concern isn’t the document itself but the overall message it sends to new and less forward looking developers out there. Why should they bother with web standards and accessibility? While I don’t ever expect miracles from any specification it makes me scratch my head and wonder what the ultimate aim is. If its to say to organisations that haven’t come into line - yes we’ll move the bar back towards you - then WTF

No I mean really… WTF

Why don’t we just move the best practice bar back and not expect anyone to use Unobtrusive JavaScript just because most company’s just use the old ways anyway. Most sites use font tags - hey let’s bring them back?! DOCTYPES are another one they don’t seem to use - let’s ditch those too. Oh and I did some work on a government site which on this version was ditching skip links entirely - let’s just pull the bar back again. See my concern? A little melodramatic but there’s a message in there for a team pushing deadlines and budgets.

The other concern is obfuscating the meaning of the content by inserting those new phrases. Why? So less people will understand the guidelines? Isn’t the point to have a more coherent and therefore practical set of guidelines to follow. Guidelines in themselves should theoretically provide some guidance.

So I’m concerned. I’m concerned as a small business - often in hiatus - who has invested time, support and evangalism into the area of web standards and accessibility. I’m concerned, not for the first time, that the other businesses who don’t even “get the program” are being green lighted to continue as always because the bar is receding. Its too hard.

OK I’m a little melodramatic today but its my 42nd birthday and my desk is covered in cards and small gifts for which I am truely thankful (only I’m 42!). How did this happen to me getting to 42? I mean how? When is a certainty - now. And what will I be when I grow up? I haven’t decided yet. Maybe I won’t be a web developer at all. Any ideas? Testing, testing, 1… 2… 3…

[drift into Pulling On The Boots from the Romper Stomper soundtrack - apologies if that offends anyone but I associate any 1, 2, 3 with that song.

Happy my birthday all]

Update: 26/5/06
That to hell is an officially banned swearing phrase on the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) mailing list is also interesting for comment. Is this true? How many normal phrases can have to hell in it?

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  1. Sue Says:

    Happy Birthday Steve, have a nice day.. 42 really isn’t that bad. S

  2. nortypig Says:

    Hi Sue, happy birfday too me…

    We’ve got front row seats to the Uni Revue tonight and pavlova for dessert. 42 isn’t too shabby I suppose as long as there’s a 43 ay.

    The weather in Queensland would be a lot better than here though :)

    ps… Mrs Bucket was pulling out of the supermarket carpark at New Town about half an hour ago and she accidentally waved. If she read my lips she would have seen…

    Bitch :)

    So that made my birfday all the better. God I’m mean! Ha. Thanks for commenting sis.

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