Internationalisation And Localisation

“Like it or not the world we’re living in is shrinking”

The week is going to be a good one with a second must read coming out of the A List Apart fold today in the form of Molly Holzschlag’s World Grows Small: Open Standards for the Global Web. I’ve had the “gunna do” on internationalisation for a long time and the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) site for Internationalisation has a lot of information. But I’d like to see more conversation on blogs and even specialised blogs dedicated to this information. Maybe there are and I just haven’t come across them.

Which brings me to the point - every business needs to consider the world rather than their own backyard and I’ve been suggesting for quite some time developers will be required to offer this level of capability sooner rather than later. And if I were a business looking to address my web strategy it would be in the top few questions I’d field to the prospective development firm - can I internationalise my content to reach a far wider audience? Do you know how or should I go somewhere else?

David Sifry earlier in the month pointed to the fact in March 2006 only 31% of blogs indexed by Technorati were in English.

Like it or not the world we’re living in is shrinking and nobody in their right minds can sit - no not even in Tasmania - looking inward…

So if you’re developing and you want the jump on getting a competitive advantage over the firm up the road or across the ocean somewhere - provide internationalisation. Now run over and read Molly’s article while its hot off the press. Great stuff.

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