If You Do Not Want To Be Linked To…

“The primary function of Pig Work is to ’share’ information”

Slashdot linked to an article this morning over on Plagiarism Today - The New Plagiarism - which refers to the practice on some blogs of using large quotes on a frequent basis in articles. The crux really being those blogs who have more blockquotes in there than original content.

First I should get my personal chip off my shoulder and air it - much of the plagiarism push is from probloggers who are more concerned about getting your click-through revenue rather than from miss malloy of the local council who likes to share her book club recipes. That’s a personal opinion by the way but one founded on watching a few Internet witch hunts over the last few years.

But there’s a level on which this does deserve discussion and I can see why it got Slashdotted. There is a problem, one of which is the identification of the fat cow businesses making splogs and these grey area blogs for revenue [as opposed to normal people conversing freely]. I’d guess like my politician who sends me spam he calls “information” these businesses are calling it marketing. No harm no foul I think is the term.

How do we even consider sorting this one out? I mean how many blogs are in the world - heck even if we jumped on MySpace (regular poachers of my partner’s photography) we’re talking major numbers of users. And what about prosecution and punishments? I’m not sure the international nature of the problem can be solved with head on efforts. We can’t even solve the kiddy porn problem! Not through lack of motivation but because its so vast.

There has to be an acceptance out there that much of the blogging community isn’t business. A lot of it might be your grandmother or a local biker or the parish preacher. I urge the push for restrictions to recognise what are probably the vast majority of bloggers.

Personally Pig Work is and always will be foremost about spreading the Web Standards and accessibility word to other developers and interested parties on a global front. Only madmen write manifestos but don’t tempt me. I quote and paraphrase and try to do so in the best intention of promoting the original authors… but if you don’t want to be linked to or spoken about on this blog then feel free to email me and I’ll ensure it becomes so.

The primary function of Pig Work is to “share” information. When this site gets splogged I kind of die inside a bit but the main thing is the word does move further out. Someone reads it somewhere. I don’t feel that way about my work though I do confess.

So I reiterate what I said earlier - email for me to not link to your site if anyone out there feels like they don’t need the juice. I’m fine with that. As a blogger who has never - so far - earned a cent in advertising revenue I understand you have every right to own your content. The trouble is that hyperlinking is the essence of the Web and when we’re too afraid to link, quote or discuss we’ll pretty well have killed its goodness for greed wot.

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