Bring On The WCAG Samurai

“My pages WILL validate and life will go on regardless”

The must read article of the day for developers of course is Joe Clark’s To Hell With WCAG 2 over on A List Apart. If you haven’t read it then run over and give it a burl and come on back I guess. I’ve not been happy with the happenings myself but having been in a heated discussion way back when with one of these people I’ve kept away from the process.

Bring on the WCAG Samurai

Personally as far as WCAG 2 goes I’m not going to bust a nut worrying about it. I do my best and will always try to offer that little more functionality for wider demographics. My pages WILL validate and life will go on regardless of what they write in their specification.

So as the WCAG Samurai put forward best practice I guess that’s where I’ll be looking to as a developer - not to the World Wide Web Consortium. I’m a big fan of Tim but I think we should be looking at a progression in the Guidelines rather than what’s put forward at the moment.

Yes we’ve all had our month to have our say… no hate mail on that one please.

Anyway, just a suggestion, but an accessible design competition for the WCAG Samurai site would be a good way to grab some attention. And a tee shirt, mouse pads and other promotional trinkets. Promotion is always a good thing. Bring it on - hell yeah.

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