Accidental Deletion Of Comments

“I’m so used to mass deleting spam that I hit spam by accident”

With the number of spam hitting my domains I could be excused for missing a valuable ‘real person’ comment over on Pig Pen or having it chewed in the spam filter. But something happened this morning which worries me a bit - I read a comment about the Maxthon browser from Kevin and then lost it.

Or should I say I’m so used to mass deleting spam that I hit spam by accident. And OK I was only 10 minutes out of bed and getting dressed at the time but I’d specifically asked if anyone had feedback. So that’s what spam has reduced me to, just a semi-autonomous machine fixed in a mental rut of click and delete. Spammers suck bigtime. Normally I’d have a backup notification I could retrieve the comment from in my email but I was getting about 1000 notifications of moderation comments per day last week so that’s turned off.

So Kevin I apologise whole-heartedly for the deletion of your comment. I realise you invested time and effort which I inadvertantly deleted and that’s not good. Advice then to other bloggers - probably have a coffee before you read your comments. Nobody likes their comments disappearing or not appearing especially when they’re giving feedback you asked for. Yes I’m a friggin’ doofus sometimes. And human.

Update: 19/5/06
OK the comments marked spam still live in the database - something I’ll fix. Kevin’s comment was easily retrievable and this all happened way too early for me. Now I need another coffee and life moves on. The lesson is still the same though - respect your comments [not that I get a hell of a lot of course]. Have a fun day.

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