TechCrunch, WSA and Stylegala

“That’s a famous line from the yellow pages advertisements”

The new design on Michael Arrington’s TechCrunch has a flavoursome story with him posting a screenshot of a fan’s design and his paid designer walking out. Valleywag has a rundown of how it unfolded but I really don’t see the issue. If I were in Michael’s position and found someone liked me enough they spent a lot of time and thought into their own redesign I’d have probably given them credit too. Perhaps it was tactless but for a paid designer with a high profile gig like TechCrunch to drop the ball and go home there must be something deeper driving at the core of the issue. Perhaps we’ll never know but obviously the relationship was near an end for other reasons.

That being said of course I’ve walked away from work myself after having a business client make mistakes on their server and believing the blame was my markup. So on their blog they put an article highly praising me as a specialist - the site was broken - and put in the comments

Not happy Jan

If you don’t know that’s a famous line from the yellow pages advertisements… and they signed it with their name. Now I might be sensitive but as a developer I felt rather undermined by that one and the business relationship fell apart from that pivotal point in short order. To be honest I’d never work for the guy again simply because he showed an arrogant stupidity that I must be incompetant. So I guess if you’re working for someone who doesn’t listen to your advice maybe you walk. Who knows? Any server with CHMOD 777 on all files is a disaster waiting to happen too. That’s not a bad time to say something’s amiss.

Another bit of news out there today is the Web Standards Awards have shut up shop at the number 99 - it’ll be left as an archive but no new work will be put up there. Which is probably a shame. Although I agree web standards have come a long way I still think there is great value in having high quality design showcases. No their work isn’t done. In fact way more non-web standards sites are out there than good ones - maybe they’ll come back for another hundred.

Which brings us to the sale of Stylegala with the details over on Sitepoint. They’re asking US$30,000 which on the one hand I hope they receive but on the other I feel its rare anyone would buy a blog and do it justice. On a business level I’d wonder if the profit is there on these blogs with US$2500 per month income and assuming there are no overheads and yada yada well it won’t be turning a profit for some time. Some blogs we’ve seen go for way more than that small price in the last 12 months and one has to wonder if the bubble has substance. That being said I wish them all the luck in the world.

So a long but interesting post. Today I’ve got a heap of reading to do and some catch up audio from missed lectures for Artificial Intelligence. Its an interesting field of study - what geek doesn’t get off on robots? Its Frank Zappa’s fault (Joe’s Garage).

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  1. Matt Robin Says:

    30K for Stylegala is a snip! It’ll go quite quickly if a company has enough sense (M$ could do worse than spread their cash a bit right?)

  2. nortypig Says:

    Hi Matt
    Yeh but look at The Weekly Standards for example… how many articles over the last year?

    a snip to us but in the reality of the business world I’m not so sure that it translates… unless you have the spare change of MS I guess.

    Unless its about prestige but to be honest I think there are a growing number of decent css gallery sites out there nowdays. If I were a business I’d want to see how it could convert to a profit in cash for me. US$30,000 is a lot of money for most businesses to put out there unless they’re going to get some ROI…

    Anyway good to hear from you Matt, I’ve been kind of pre-occupied with escapism and being a general slacker over the last month. Closer to the life of a hobbit than any Tasmanian should dare.

    And I’m not exactly sure MS would go for the Stylegala thing. If they bought it I’d be first in their comments calling them pretentious wankers taking me for a fool lol and never go back :)

    Oh the madness of sitting here at uni poor discussing the likes of MS and money lol…. ahhh I want a Bugatti for my birthday sooo bad.

    I think I’m getting a wallet lol.

  3. Matt Robin Says:

    hehehe ;)

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