Cool Is Being Let Into The Gang Baby!

“Face it we’ve all seen the effect often enough”

So what do you say when you look at the thousandth site boasting bunched up Helvetica because its just cool? By bunched up I mean the leading, or line height, is reduced to the point lines actually overlap each other creating a wayward jumble of something your five year old might find amusing. And admittedly it looked kind of cool the first five times I saw the effect - I think. But that was what I thought about flares in the seventies, western shirts, lumber jackets and so many other things.

I even had an example to put up under this article but lets face it we’ve all seen the effect often enough.

Love this effect or think its a wanky turd I guess there will always be difference of opinion. Like the title says - Cool is being let into the gang baby and if thats what it takes to rock your world I guess you’re allowed the occasional sin.

Otherwise I’m getting to the point where this effect is in the wanky turd basket. But hey who needs to be original? I mean we all use the same tricks and treats to wow - gradients, stickers, super large or super small fonts. Its just a matter of which gang you’re affiliating with and whether you’ve got the bandanna to belong homie.

I don’t mean this as a criticism. What I mean is the next time you’re designing don’t fall into the easy path of emulating gangs or trying to look cool to another wanker trying to be cool to impress you. Be yourself and design effectively. What the friggin’ good is a three legged stool with great carvings? Who wants a bridge with one end? Make a statement about YOU.

If Helvetica is the safe answer then dare to try something else. Test yourself. Don’t live in the boxes out of fear of failure. Do you get what I mean? To be outstanding you need to stand out, differentiate yourself, in business and in your craft. Just food for thought.

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