Not The Friggin’ News Volume 1

“Not The Friggin’ News Volume 1 is about REVOLUTION”

So Norty Pig has rebooted into Not The Friggin’ News Volume 1 and your first thoughts were what the hell was I thinking? Small text, lots of image maps, a heavy page, yada yada. Yes I can see your point but that small text can be scaled up in my defense and hopefully I haven’t made an entire botch out of it.

Inspiration: Definately bands like The Clash and The Jam who still exist as vynil reality only three metres from my computer and its music I always go back to every year or so. London Calling was one of the most profound albums of its time. But of course its really inspired by the whole retro thing.

Time: Well I only decided to reboot last week and there was no preceding concept kicking around. I’d meant to reboot this blog but thought Norty Pig would come in on time whereas this one is still a concept in some bizarre process of evolution. Not The Friggin’ News Volume 1 is about REVOLUTION. So one week or less (because I wasted some days) from concept to finished product.

Graphic Design: Done by me, nortypig, as you can probably see because I’m definately artistically challenged. This is more akin to blunt force trauma and steel cap boots than the ballet of Photoshop and Illustrator. But so was the whole punk, skinhead, smash ‘em in the face and run punk thing. Believe it or not. So if you’ve got something mean to say about the graphic design then don’t imagine I give a toss. It is what it is outside of the box anyone wants to put it in. Minimalist NO.

Template: This is a WordPress theme I developed based on an old one I had kicking in the cupboard from last year. The original design this template was used for was Jason Carter’s - which I won’t link to because I don’t wish to send him traffic. He was once an asshole to me so its entirely personal not to link. The template on the other hand is mine to do with as I wish and in fact its somewhat modified from the previous project so the concept of the layout is probably the biggest claim to fame link on his part to the current Norty Pig one. I think the designs are remarkably dissimilar.

Code: Well its coded up as valid XHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS and unashamedly still delivered with a MIME type of text/html rather than going for XML at this stage. Agree with that one or not its how its staying for the forseeable future.

Platform: As I mentioned earlier its a WordPress theme and I’ve been more than happy using their product for a couple of years now. Its easy to use, intuitively simple to achieve most things, and offers great support structures. Highly recommended for getting sites up fast and efficiently by simply modifying the generic templates and making them your own. After all every business should be considering a blog component in their web strategy at this stage.

Intention: Well obviously it was to dramatically realign the Norty Pig image and to differentiate the business by including a blog component and original design - but also to have fun. The fun is in making stuff for the hell of it, looking at blank pages and saying to yourself go for it. These bands represent a breaking away from the establishment - the boring standards meme that seems to pervade the web standards movement in many ways still. I’m not saying standardistas suck but I’m pointing out we’re either contained in people’s heads as minimalist or regarded as being safe. Safe isn’t always good. We have to be careful we don’t just pump out generic clones of “the masters” who have majority approved sites.

Testing: This has been limited so if you’re looking at the redesign and see issues feel free to email me the browser, resolution and platform you’re viewing on. That would be a great help. Mostly it seems to be a stable enough release at this point.

Outstanding Issues: The main one is to do with the Youngpup script labels.js used in the form fields and some issue with WordPress comment forms. I’ve spent some time looking into it so far but JavaScript isn’t my strong point and I break it more than I do good so if you have any ideas. Basically only in Internet Explorer - I’m so shocked - the label element isn’t output into their respective form fields and instead it displays null values. So if you’ve got a solution to that one I’d be interested. Somehow it doesn’t get on with WordPress is all I can really figure.

So in the end Not The Friggin’ News Volume 1 is exactly what it is. Its rebooted and there to stay. Eyesore or artistic statement - its anyone’s call at this point. Enjoy the reboots.

Norty Pig redesign - Not The Friggin' News Volume 1

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