Joe Clark’s IceWeb 2006 Transcriptions

“If it was a bit warmer in Iceland and I was a bit richer”

Joe Clark has been good enough to provide transcriptions of the IceWeb 2006 Conference providing a rich read for the weekend. Great stuff.

IceWeb 2006 Introductions, State of the Web 2006 by Molly Holzschlag, Redesign Redux: Behind the Steering Wheel by Kelly Goto, How To Be A Web Design Superhero by Andy Clarke, Internationalization: Waking The Sleeping Giant by Molly Holzschlag, The One True Layout by Eric Meyer, CSS Project Management by Dave Shea, Feeding Your Creativity Without Compromising User Needs by Andy Clarke, and Responsible Asynchronous Scripting by Shaun Inman.

Andy Clarke has his two presentations up as Quicktime movies - How to be a Web Design Hero [5MB]and Feeding Your Creativity Without Compromising User Needs [6.5MB].

If it was a bit warmer in Iceland and I was a bit richer it would have been interesting to see. I’ve never been to one of these conferences but would like to go for sure. Its not just poverty though and I admire the fact so many people disrupt their lives to attend and put on these events.

Joe’s transcriptions would have taken a lot of effort and I thought I’d just post that we appreciate it. Thanks Joe.

IceWeb 2006

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  1. Joe Clark Says:

    It was 5° to 8° and mostly sunny all week, except of course for today, the day after the conference closed, when it reverted to rain.

  2. nortypig Says:

    Hi Joe. That’s not too far off the temperature in Hobart, Tasmania today but we’re having some drizzle to go along with it.

    Oneday I’ll have to make it to one of these events for sure. Thanks for commenting :)

  3. dragonflygirl Says:

    Really good article:

  4. nortypig Says:

    Hi dragonflygirl
    yeh interesting… as if auto manufacturers aren’t under pressure already. But I guess the global economy is all about exactly this…

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