May 1st Rebooting Norty Pig

“Traffic coming off the CSS Reboot is reaching a reasonable significance”

Why not cross two bridges for the price of a single shiny penny? I mean I’m rebooting Norty Pig for the CSS Reboot and thought it may as well be a May 1st Reboot as well. Being the same day. Being the same site.

I have to say at this point, and never having rebooted before, that traffic coming off the CSS Reboot is reaching a reasonable significance in the statistics. To be fair the site is practically done - apart from a few tweaks and setting up the new new site on the location of the current one and entering stuff into the database and…

nearly done. I have one unresolved issue involving JavaScript - heck a plain insert and link to script - that doesn’t like the software I chose for some reason. Go figure. So I’ll bitch and moan about that when the time comes. Mostly I’m just happy the site is just about ready to go - well it will be by the 1st for sure. The pressure is off. Can’t show it to you yet though.

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