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“As developers you really do need to be looking five years down the track”

The mobile platform, while I’m definately no expert at delivering to it, is something I’m constantly considering. Why? The reason is simple. Its small, you carry it in your pocket everywhere - even to the toilet. Your family uses it to communicate and your click-and-go generation kids (or you) are quite used to playing games, downloading ringtones, messaging and talking forever on them. Think of the current technologies as equivalent to the Mosaic days of the Internet when nobody really saw THIS happening. Add some major step forward such as 3G (and lets face it beyond), mix in some small killer applications, and web sites which deliver correctly to the platform - 3G Kung POW!

OK I might be full of huff and kerfuffle on my view of the future but as developers you really do need to be looking five years down the track just like any other business. What are your strategic goals? I mean are you looking at the realisation you might HAVE to deliver to mobile platforms as a must in that five year period? What about globalisation? Are you thinking of delivering to the opening markets in China?

I go on a lot about this subject in a quite uneducated way no doubt but I really do believe when it comes to anything computer related you need to think of the exponential technological factors involved in our industry. I know I’d certainly like a dollar off every Chinese citizen next year or the year after.

Robin Li, chairman and CEO of Baidu.com said about China at the Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2006 a few days ago

If wireless Internet can develop in a favorable environment, 100 to 200 million handset subscribers could become Internet users through 3G wireless technology and be able to enjoy the high-quality services

MobileCrunch, one of my regular morning reads, has just run an article about this - Baidu Chairman Li says “The Next Big Opportunity Will Come From Mobile Phones” - and links to the original article - Baidu Sees Opportunities from Mobile Phone.

3G Kung POW illustration by nortypig

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