Reboot Progress - About Half Way There

“So prepare for something different from Norty Pig and a little more bloggy”

Haste makes waste and I finally got to opening up the files for this May 1st CSS Reboot of my flailing flagship Norty Pig. So a day and a half in and about a day or so to go and it should be ready - or sooner in fact depending on how little I change what is already there.

From an outsider’s perspective this time I’ve done something I like rather than lazily spewing out the same minimalist safe work - the reboot is about fun is it not? And one thing I really do love about this job is the designing factor (if only clients would give a little trust sometimes and not insist on corporate boxes). So prepare for something different from Norty Pig and a little more bloggy… see you’re getting it out of me already! The visuals are basically done already (90% done anyway) and really I’m just into modifying the workings at the moment - should I have comments, what exactly will I use the blog for (remember its a business site)?

So that’s all I can say at the moment. I had some time and spontaneously chose to reboot with only a week to go and expect to make the mark without any issues. In fact I think overthinking is a failing on my part in many situations so I kind of like what I’ve produced…

… now its not locked behind a password and you’d probably find it on a Google search so its no big secret if you run across it. But I’ll try not to put it up live at until as close to the reboot as possible given that some tweaks will obviously be made after the event. Hope everyone else’s reboots are going well. Just remember to cast aside everyone’s expectations of you and do your own work I guess. See you there.

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