Hacks And The Browsers Plenty

“I’ve been thinking about this one for some time too”

The must read of the day was just posted on Vitamin by none other than Dave Shea in the form of a great read called Stop Hacking, or Be Stopped.

I’ve been thinking about this one for some time too with so many versions of browsers coming out now. Where are the hacks to filter out older versions of Firefox and the like - well they don’t exist (put in a tentative yet there). Which makes this an ominous time and a wonderous time to work in web development - don’t you just feel the electric buzz of energy as the next Tantek Celik creates a mind-blowing, or a simple, circumvention with the minutest of keystrokes. But hopefully it won’t come to that.

Personally I’m one for the no hacks at all and play it conservative school of thought so I’m not being stung by the looming Internet Explorer fixes of the star hack (the Tan Hack) or the underscore hack [I borrowed Dave’s links here]. I’d like to hope this will be a short bumpy ride but I also know that it probably won’t be the case. What we’ll do though is deal with it by differentiating ourselves from the tag soup coders and actually try to understand the problems as they arise and invent cures that work. That’s what we do (the generic we of course not the fat arsed lazy me who just ate cake and drank a coffee and who plans to watch television in about ten minutes).

So if you haven’t yet read Dave’s article you might want to get yourself a coffee and sit down for five minutes. Even if you know most of the content its a great read.

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