Reboot The Pig Instead

“With some late nights and no video games this is a doable feat”

The madness of looking at the calendar and seeing the week left before the reboot - and then thinking I’ve not got a show of getting the Pig Work redesign done in time (as if that was ever going to happen) - and then I spontaneously registered to reboot Norty Pig. You see Norty Pig has very rigid limitations on what it needs to say, its not as dynamic as the blogs.

But that being said it will be a modification of one of my old WordPress templates I developed last year plus some minor tweaks so I definately think with some late nights and no video games this is a doable feat. My week, other than documenting an Artificial Intelligence assignment in the form of a small expert system in Prolog, is reasonably lean.

So if you’ve not had time to say goodbye to the old Norty Pig then tip your hat and say adieu to The Pig. She sails on the tide. And I’ve always secretly wanted it to be a blog!

The current soon to be gone design for Norty Pig

2 Responses to “Reboot The Pig Instead”

  1. Matt Robin Says:

    Intrigued by what comes next…. :D

  2. nortypig Says:

    Ha probably dismal failure with no sleep - lol.

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