WCBO - Geeks Meet The Streets

WCBO I heart you”

Being of that order of geeks who has spent some time sparring in boxing rings as a youth and trying to break people’s noses for many years on - well its too late for me…


The World Chess Boxing Organisation (WCBO) combines chess and boxing into a hybrid sport I think would be way cool. Way cooler than just chess or just boxing (you see I enjoyed both of those passtimes in particular - and especially). The idea is you have round 1 of chess and round 2 of boxing and on it goes… you can see the pattern. The rules are simple - its about winning the war not the particular battle. And lets face it when you want to stop punch drunk boxers from continuing their careers what better way to identify their brain damage than a good chess challenge.

So I raise a fictitious beer and several imaginary whiskeys to the “sport of the common man who might read the occasional novel on weekends”.

Because to be honest several times when someone has taken my Queen or pulled an en passant (in passing) or castled out of danger I’ve felt like smacking them up a bit. And why not? I mean its all legitimised now as a sport. Geeks meet the streets - awesome. The computer artificial intelligence factor would be a bit scarey too. Check out the first world championship video as well. Decision by checkmate or knockout!

WCBO I heart you.

[of course one could say I don’t mind settling differences with the occasional game of chess but there’s nothing like the real thing]

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