Printing Authority Of Tasmania Redesign

“Hands up if you’re the business or person who did this work?”

The redesign for the Printing Authority of Tasmania is of interest. Before reading further you may want to read the previous articles here relating to my opinions of the previous incarnation. I won’t reopen old wounds here but thought I’d have a quick under the hood look at the new redesign. I confess before beginning to not be particularly fond of 1998 round images but that’s just personal.

Hands up if you’re the business or person who did this work? Just wondering… and don’t take anything I say too critically because it should be water off a ducks back.

Graphically this site is a great improvement on the mustard yellow predecessor. I like the absence of Java this time and its reasonably light. As a user I’d have liked some more information on exactly what I can get for what price, some portfolio pages would be nice, but over-all the external aspect is obviously built to the specifications the client put forward.

I do however have to ask whether the desire for spinning balls done in Flash led to the hiring of someone who didn’t know XHTML from breakfast cereal. I say that specifically because of the following line of code which implies some connection to XHTML while the rest of the document seems to show no understanding of web standards at all -

<html xmlns="">

There is no DOCTYPE and the validator chews out 18 interesting errors on the home page treating it as HTML 4.01 Transitional (these are not ends in themselves but meant to give the reader insight into the underlying code). The layout is table based - yuk I have to vomit on that one because its NOT april fool’s day. Finally, and my look here was only cursory - has anyone noticed the Flash balls aren’t visible in Firefox? A small bug fix no doubt will get that one into line. And personally I’d have skipped the antiquated JavaScript rollovers on the menu in favour of using CSS.

So overall I’m not majorly impressed but its a massive improvement on the old site. I’m sorry to see they have still missed the appreciation for Web Standards developers and have hired another tag souper. I thought the forms looked nice so that’s something (I’m trying to be positive here).

Basically my only real criticism of the new Printing Authority of Tasmania web site is the coder needs to read a few books on XHTML and web standards in general. Anyone looking in View Source will be able to see why I’m saying so.

A screenshot of the Printing Authority of Tasmania web design

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