Don’t Make Your B&B Clients Wait

“I think the client deserves to be poached in this instance”

This one is common sense but not necessarily well practised. Your bread and butter clients are the ones that will sustain you through the lean times so don’t take their money and make them wait a month to get that small update. While larger projects will lead to more income right now there’s going to be little long term benefit from ignoring established relationships.

The part that I find fascinating is when I see a situation where a well recognised firm has a small one hour update job come in from a regular client and then simply doesn’t do anything for a month (so far). Does that make sense? As a small web developer I could quite easily use this opportunity to develop a relationship and poach the client. And I think the client deserves to be poached in this instance.

There could also be a good indication here that they don’t look after their other bread and butter work so their own portfolio could work against them. And if I’m thinking of it then you can bet someone smarter and faster is noticing it as well.

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