Companies Blocking RSS - WTF

“I’m dumb-struck how short sighted some companies are”

There’s a good article up at the moment called Companies Blocking Employees from Reading RSS Feeds which I’d suggest is a must read. I came across it on Steve Rubel’s Micropersuasion this morning.

Honestly I’m dumb-struck how short sighted some companies are in their desire towards control and security in the workplace. Wake up guys and girls and have a look around outside your own corporate environment. What large companies and organisations are now using the Web for more than just a billboard?

When are some companies going to see the value in maintaining a relationship with customers and being open to feedback. Close the door to the outside and the outside can’t come in to criticise you…

If I were the manager of such a firm with such a policy I’d want an outside consultant to have a report on my desk about the whole issue by the end of the week. Just because some network administrator says something doesn’t necessarily make it the right path to take. Hey those guys will lock you out of everything given the chance. Here’s an example.

I spent 2 months working for a government department recently doing quality assurance on their soon to be unveiled site. I only had Internet Explorer, I couldn’t download any software or do a whole bunch of stuff. After 2 months I still wasn’t connected to the printer either - go figure.

That, my friends, is the network administration. Sometimes they don’t know best and they never know everything. Banning RSS is shooting the company in the foot - doofus! Ring the marketing department or the web department for some advice on this one.

[rant ended to pursue a decent coffee]

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