HAF205 Buffy To Big Brother

“When your future employer IS BOUND to ask WTF!”

OK I was over at Richies Right Wing Rant - that’s Richard Dowling’s site - a minute ago and saw a great article pointing to a University of Tasmania unit called HAF205 Buffy to Big Brother.

As a computing student with a spare second year elective up my sleeve I don’t think I’m ready to discuss the absurdity of whether Buffy kicks left or right footed or whatever that one is about. And how is that going to look on the resume when your future employer IS BOUND to ask WTF!

I don’t particularly want to bag the university curriculum on Pig Work but this one is honestly up there with big question marks. How many episodes do I need to watch for a pass? If I wear sexy girlie clothes do I get a distinction?

NO this article is kind of tongue in cheek I guess and I haven’t seriously taken much time to absorb the real meaning of the unit outline but it was well worth mentioning here. Xena courses haven’t been run yet?

Also as a sidenote Richie is thinking of quitting the blogging scene and has a poll up. Unfortunately I clicked the first option before seeing the next choice was marked the Norty Pig choice. Anyway jokes aside Richie should keep blogging unless its just because he’s bored. It can happen that way. I’d suggest a three month hiatus and reassess when he’s fresh.

6 Responses to “HAF205 Buffy To Big Brother”

  1. Sue Says:

    ACU National Update - ACU National Website

    Sydney graduations and honorary doctorate for The Wiggles 108k - 13 Apr 2006

  2. nortypig Says:

    Hi Sue
    Ha ha. Now I wonder if anyone there is actually doing a degree in the Wiggles as well lol.

    And what in the world did the Wiggles do for an academic doctorate? I mean “Bananas in Pajamas”? “Mashed Potato”?

    This sort of stuff seriously creates a devalued impression of degrees and other academic qualifications surely? I hear in South Australia you can actually do an entire Buffy related degree WOW!!!

    Thanks for pointing me to the Wiggles one :)

    (and happy easter)

  3. Sue Says:

    Happy Easter too, Do you think they will “wiggle” up on stage in their coloured outfits. No chance for poor old Humphrey, can’t possibly be taken serious when you don’t wear pants. I did get a bit of a giggle out of it though.

  4. Richard Dowling Says:

    Well I know I’ve reached the pinnacle of blogging when my Rant is the inspiration for Pig Work posts. Normally NortyPig is the one providing me with the material.

    Anyway, I have decided I want to keep blogging and maintain a presence. But operating a blog on your own is more demanding than it may seem. There is pressure to put new and interesting material up on an almost daily basis. And when you know readers are logging onto your site daily you don’t like to disappoint.

  5. nortypig Says:

    Hi Sue
    We can all Hi 5 it over to Humphreys and be Fat Cats at the Wiggles place… now there’s a PhD in something just there.

    I wonder how these appeal to foreign students or do they realise this is just a fodder subject?

    Yeh it was kind of funny to bookmark and show a couple of people lol. :)

  6. nortypig Says:

    Being the people’s slave isn’t a fun way to pass your life, do it for yourself. I’ve always been a writer predating the internet so its natural for me to do what I do. If nobody visits I’m just as happy and I have never (hopefully) been fixated by comments. When you look at the millions and millions of sites and blogs - the average person visits about 6 regularly apparently - and then factor in that your readers naturally will get tired and go to other blogs… well its probably unrealistic to expect major ongoing traffic. I hear a bit of luck helps and perserverence.

    I look at some sites who regularly have tens of thousands of visits per day. The comment ratio outside one’s immediate friendship group doesn’t rise - not really. And breaking into the A List blogging would be a major hardcore problem…

    Also trolling for traffic by creating controversy will get short term results but in the end they won’t last. These are people who only want to see the fight in the schoolyard.

    The rant would do well by fixating on the economics sector and becoming a reliable source of current information, and not in a provocative trying to get a reaction way but in the way that people are interested. I’ve read a few good articles over on the rant but when one comments they’re reduced to ridicule and schoolboy abuse from Deano and the like. So of course anyone actually worth having comment hits the road as they’ve got better things to do. That’s not a criticism its just how blogging works. The last thing you want to sow is the idea the rant is really just a uni schoolboy blog for kiddies to cross comment that life sucks and grown-ups shouldn’t say cool or dude or man. Seriously I think that’s why the rant has flailed. And don’t pin your reason for doing it on comments.

    Simply why is Tassie taking off and the rant not. They take their commenters seriously. They maintain a level of professional authority. People are interested in having their say and they follow up with private emails quite often to solicit answers from politicians and business people. Those requests would be ignored if kids are running the show with abusive comments. Deano is your archilles heel Richie.

    Anyway I’m glad you’re keeping going with the rant. I’m sure lots of people read it and don’t comment y’know. Economics is your strong point - tell it like it is and see if people come there. Ask Quiggan in a private email what he thinks of some subjects. K gotta run… if I did this for attention then I’d be a very sad little piggy for sure. But it generates every speck of work that comes by so for me it works.

    cheers and good luck with it Richie.