Flash Lite On Mobile Phones

“They developed three flash animations that could be used on mobile phones”

One of the most exciting aspects of this time in particular is the potential for opening up markets for mobile applications. The potential of the mobile marketplace is huge and we’re really waiting for that evolutionary step into next generation ‘useful to us’ applications. The mobile phone platform will only grow.

We were watching Beyond Tomorrow on the television a few nights ago and they were discussing the mobile market in Japan which has users paying up to $100 (I think Australian) a month. Not a bad slice of the pay pie. The phones only available there were incredible right down to one you wear on your finger and to hear you put your finger in your ear. Go figure.

Sorry mum I fell over drunk in the pub phoning a taxi and… well… yes I’m in intensive care and they’re trying to remove MY FINGER!!! Ha ha. Sorry that was just irresistable.

But seriously from a development point of view I’d be suggesting those who can deliver to this market when it starts to need designers and developers in a big way will make good solid incomes. OK I’ve gone on about the introduction here a bit too long so lets cut to the chase.

MobileCrunch - a must bookmark blog for anyone interested in what the mobile application marketplace is up to - has an article just up called Verizon Flashes Phones. Apparently they’ve started shipping phones with pre-installed Flash Lite. Now that makes sense.

I’ve purposefully toned down the amount of articles I put up here on the mobile platform - mainly as I’m not a technical expert at this point in time - but I thought the MobileCrunch article would be an interesting one for readers over at the Hobart Clarence TAFE campus learning multimedia and web design. Robin Petterd who runs the course has cool project based pathways through competencies. This is something I can see a lot of value in. And for the students first project they developed three flash animations that could be used on mobile phones.

That’s way cool and very progressive. While education systems are generally slow evolvers and curriculums change like The Days of our Lives these guys are jumping into the mobile on their first assignment. Even though its hard for some of us to see that the mobile market - including PDA - can be more than a phone. Hey I recall wondering why anyone would want a personal computer and many big companies thought the same (yes IBM too).

Robert Scoble (yes I got the Robert right this time) posted an article a few days ago about half a million cell handsets being sold to one customer using the Microsoft Operating System. That customer is the United States Census Bureau and the application is specific to the 2010 Census. I wouldn’t have minded a chunk of that pie.

Whether its a web standards one content fits all devices scenario or a Flash lite on every phone or even mobile AJAX - the mobile market is a wave with a lot of money on it. Right now we’re running around with a hammer trying to figure out what nails look like - then WHAM.

Try to use mobile phone data recovery for each. Update: 8/4/06
MobileCrunch has another article up about mobile browsing adoption - Opera Mini Scales to Profits. I think the stubborn belief many people have that the mobile market will never take off is quite the osterich approach. It probably won’t replace your desktop but I know I won’t have my box on my lap in the car plugged into my cigarette lighter just to order tickets to the theatre - that’d be a mobile job. Stock market updates anyone? News? How about downloadable games? Reserve parking spaces? Find that price comparison on a high end item in the city you live in. Order flowers, or practically anything.

Think of it as a potential multipurpose tool in your pocket then and not a mobile phone at all. A remote control for things in your life… there has to be potential there. I’ve used Opera Mini by the way and liked it.

3 Responses to “Flash Lite On Mobile Phones”

  1. Robin Says:

    Thank for the positive comments about the mobile projects !!!! and the great set of links. Cheers Robin

  2. nortypig Says:

    Hi Robin
    I thought it might be interesting to mention especially as students can look at the mobile screen space and rather than see how challenging it is to try to effectively use it they may see its limitations. That’s the challenge.

    Challenge two is trying to think of some killer application to make that will generate a million bucks I guess…

  3. Robin Says:

    yes, because they are faced with limitations that is one of reasons I give it them as a first project and it’s about having to visualise and design with for something that really different to the development environment. As one of best ways to spark creative is with limitations.

    You are really right about the fact that finding the killer market, is the bigger challenge !!!