NO SPEC! - Just Say No

“Its so ingrained into some industry heavyweights”

The No SPEC! initiative is something I strongly believe in when it comes to web development and actually all design. The fact is if big fat wallets want to get five of us monkeys dancing on the chance one will get some money then its not a healthy situation for anyone. It devalues the designers and means when you do speculative work and don’t pull the contract you not only don’t get paid but you have to make that income back from real clients.

What’s particularly bad is its so ingrained into some industry heavyweights that its the only way they work. But it only works because we play the game.

So next time someone gives you a phone call and asks for speculative work just say NO THANKYOU. If they can’t figure you’re capable from your portfolio somethings amiss. They do it because they can take advantage of designers.

NO SPEC! website

2 Responses to “NO SPEC! - Just Say No”

  1. Matt Robin Says:

    I’d like to agree with these sentiments with a ‘HELL YEAH!’, thankyou. :)

  2. nortypig Says:

    HELL YEAH… :)

    In many workplaces it would be down right illegal to get 4 people to come and compete for a position that three were going to be fired for. A fair days pay for a fair days work…

    cheers mate…